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Christine Hickey, Esq.   120 East Washington Street, Suite 711, Syracuse, New York 13202   (315) 422-9756

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Divorce mediation is a process to help separating and divorcing couples arrive at the terms of their Separation Agreement in a cooperative manner.  With the help of your mediator, you will brainstorm options to focus on the needs and interests of your children, you will arrive at workable payments for support, and you will make decisions about dividing your assets and debts that are satisfactory to each of you.

After you have had an opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of all the different options for resolving the issues, you and your spouse or partner will make the decisions that will become your Separation Agreement.  The mediator will not make decisions for you, or give you legal advice.  

In order to make informed decisions, each participant will be required to bring written documentation about income, expenses, assets and debts to the mediation sessions along with other information that may be requested by the mediator or the other participant.  The financial information will be used to create an Equitable Distribution Chart along with a Family Law Software File which will be used to assist clients in making practical decisions about their future.  Having a complete understanding of the family and financial circumstances will enable you to arrive at intelligent decisions for you, your spouse or partner and any children.  

Please explore our website for more information about the divorce mediation process.  You will find a list of documents required for the process and other resources to help you prepare for the mediation.    

Mediation is voluntary and CNYMSI does not open a case or schedule the first session without speaking with both participants about the mediation process.  After speaking with both participants, a packet will be mailed to each of you. Please call (315) 422-9756 with your questions and to receive a packet at no charge.

Services Offered

The mediators at CNY Mediation Services, Inc. have expertise in the areas of family and divorce mediation.  In our divorce mediation practice, we work with each couple based on their individual needs.  Whether you are at the beginning stages of deciding to separate, or have already been through a court process, and wish to resolve issues through mediation, we will provide you with assistance that incorporates any progress you have made toward decision-making.  Though there are some similarities, each couple who decides to separate has their own set of circumstances that deserves to be treated with respect and care.  Please review our services to your left and explore "About" to see if you would like to call to make further inquiries.

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