Separation Agreement through Mediation

Your Separation Agreement will be, upon divorce, the terms of your divorce. The Agreement will include your mutual understanding about everything from your parenting plan, support and division of assets and debts.  You will also be addressing health insurance, taxes, life insurance, estate issues, divorce costs and attorney’s fees, and any other issues that are of concern to you.

When you mediate with CNYMSI, you will be provided with detailed lists of issues to discuss on your own time to help you save time in mediation sessions and thereby reduce your costs to mediate.  

To obtain a divorce: Your Separation Agreement must be signed in the presence of a notary. Then two copies of the Agreement will be submitted by you or your attorney to the County Clerk’s Office. One of these copies is filed before the divorce papers are filed and the other copy is filed along with your divorce papers. Either an attorney will prepare your divorce papers or you may use the divorce forms provided by New York State. Please review the divorce process.

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