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Role of Lawyers in Mediation 

Lawyers participate in the mediation process by providing you with legal advice and by reviewing the proposed Agreement along with other documents that are written in accordance with the decisions you reach in mediation. Seeing an attorney before attending mediation is perfectly appropriate.  In fact many attorneys like to see their client before the mediation begins so that the client is aware of their rights and obligations during the negotiations in mediation.  Consulting with your attorney during the mediation is also appropriate.  Using your attorney, accountant, financial advisor, therapist or other helping people before, during and after the mediation, as you see fit, is your right and can be extremely useful in helping you reach a resolution.  

A mediator can give you legal information and ideas about what has worked for others but do not give legal advice in favor of one party and against the other.  Independent legal counsel for each of you is important to be sure you fully understand all your rights and obligations.  Your attorney who studies the Agreement from your individual point of view, while keeping in mind your objectives for being in mediation, is best suited to advise you.

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