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Profound Sadness during Separation and Divorce 

In some ways, the sadness that comes with separation and divorce is something to get used to (at least for the time being). Separation and divorce is one of the more difficult things to go through and being sad, profoundly sad, is part of the process.  The difficulty comes when the sadness turns into a deep depression.  It is hard to know when this happens but at some point you might realize you are in a hole that you cannot get out of and there doesn’t seem to be any relief. At least with sadness, there are moments, or glimpses of hope, even laughter; with depression, there is no hope.

Dealing with Sadness:  Try to remember that sadness is temporary, try not to escape it.  Perhaps try looking at it, not being afraid of feeling it because it will subside, flare up, subside, and eventually go away.  Sadness can help us enter new avenues in our lives by forcing us to slow down, stop, and just be.  But keep an eye on your sadness.  Try not to choose to be sad when you have a chance of feeling better, even for just a few minutes.  If you are invited to do something with a friend, you can refuse a couple times, but don’t refuse every time, ease yourself back into life slowly.

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