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Preparing for Divorce Mediation 

A thorough review of this website and a conversation with us will help you prepare for mediation. 

Divorce is a difficult process both emotionally and financially.  Our hope is to decrease these burdens as much as possible.  The divorce process can be time consuming, however the more you prepare for mediation, the less time you will spend in mediation thereby saving money.  

Click Here to find a list of documents that will be needed for the mediation process.  Bringing as many of the documents as possible to the first meeting will help make the process more efficient.  Any documents that you are not able to bring to the first meeting can be brought to later meetings and we can send for documents with your written authorization.  

Click Here to learn more about becoming emotionally and mentally prepared for the conversations to come.

Click Here to review the Mediation Agreement that you will be asked to sign at the first session.  

Click Here for more information on the Retainer Agreement to Draft Separation Agreement and Other Legal Documents Following Mediation that you will be asked to sign before your Agreement and other documents are prepared. 

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