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Divorce Modifications through Mediation 

Sometimes Agreements that were reached at the time of your divorce need to be modified.  This tends to happen when unanticipated circumstances arise after the divorce and your Agreement or divorce decree does not adequately address those changes of circumstances.  
At other times, Agreements that were made at the time of divorce provide that a matter is not “ripe” or ready to be addressed and will be addressed when the circumstances (that are anticipated) need to be addressed.   
Your choices are to discuss and make decisions yourselves, file a petition in court and seek a modification or decision from the judge, or go to mediation for assistance from a mediator to negotiate a change and/or draft an Agreement that may then be submitted to court.
Common examples of post-divorce mediations involve: a child is ready to attend college and parents need to discuss how college expenses will be paid; a parent/former spouse who is paying support loses employment or has had a substantial reduction of income; a child begins to express strong wishes to change the parenting plan and the parents wish to resolve that issue and the associated issues regarding child support.