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Mental Preparation for the Divorce Process 

Whether it was chosen by you or your spouse, the end of your marriage is a trying process emotionally and will be one of the most difficult phases of your life. Taking care of your emotional and mental health is vital during the divorce process.  Mentally preparing for the divorce process will improve your ability to be present during the mediation sessions and will increase your chances of making sound decisions.

It is important for clients to realize that they may not be emotionally or mentally ready for mediation.  The feeling of loss you might be experiencing is similar to grieving the death of a loved one.  You will feel shock, denial, guilt, sadness, anger, and loneliness.  To accommodate the roller coaster of emotions, mediation progresses at the pace that you decide.

Clients will often suffer from depression and anxiety.  Asking for support from friends, family, counselors, and other caregivers can provide some relief.  Finding time in your schedule to stay active can also provide some relief.  Exercise, meditation, and other practices that enhance your emotional and physical health will be helpful during this period of transition.  Meditation teaches a person how to control their mind and not allow the flood of emotions and thoughts to take over. Meditation will assist you in being present during mediation and other areas of your life.

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