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Documents Required for Divorce Mediation 



____   Last two (2) years of Income Tax Returns (both Federal and State) including all Schedules, W-2 Forms, 1099      

          Forms, etc. 
____   Last two (2) pay stubs, if employed
____   Statement of benefits or other income: Social Security, Disability, Unemployment, Pension, Annuity, etc.
____   Copy of Contract of Employment or Annual Statement, if any, from your employer


Investment, Savings, Checking and Other Non-Retirement Accounts/Assets
____   Checking account statements for the last six (6) months (personal and business)
____   Savings account statements for the last six (6) months (personal and business)
____   Investment Accounts (non-retirement):  Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, Money Market

Accounts, Super Share Accounts, Stock Options, Broker Margin Accounts, etc. 
____   Agreements or Statement of Notes, Mortgages, Loans held by you for others
____   Life Insurance policies, including statement of loans against life insurance
____   Cash

Retirement Accounts and Pensions Individual Retirement Accounts, 401 (k), Profit Sharing, SEP, Keough, Deferred Compensation, Tax Deferred Annuity, Pension, Savings and Security Account, and any other defined contribution or defined benefit plans.
____   Individual Benefits Statement showing the balance and investments, or amount of the benefit promised upon                    retirement, and date. 
____   Summary Plan Description (SPD)
____   Plan Document, if one has been provided to you
____   Statements of Amendments to the Plan Documents, if any
____   Statement of Loans against the retirement asset

Real Property: marital residence, land, rental property, time shares, vacation property, leaseholds, life estates, etc.:
____  Deeds to real property
____  Mortgage statements
____  Home equity Loan/Line of Credit statements
____  Other

Business Interest or Professional Practice:
____   Partnership Agreement, if applicable
____   Business or Corporate Income Tax Return, if applicable
____   Accounts Receivable
____   Profit and Loss Statements

Miscellaneous Assets:
____   Trust Documents, if any
____   Inventory of Safe Deposit Box
____   Title documents for any items of personal or real property that are required to be registered (cars, trailers, gun    

          collection, boats, etc.)
____   Inventory of personal property including household contents, jewelry, collections, antiques, guns, precious metals,           etc. 
____   Patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. 
____   Educational degrees, licenses, certificates, etc. 
____  Other Assets:                                                                 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

____   Charge Account statements for the last six (6) months
____   Loan documents: Personal, Car/Truck, Boat, Student, Home Equity Line of Credit, Bank Line of Credit, Mortgage,

____   Copies of judgments against you
____   Taxes payable
____   Other Debts:____________________________________________________________________________________

Other Areas to Consider for Divorce:  

Parenting Plan
Parenting Issues 
Child Support 
Spousal Maintenance 
Real Estate 
Personal Property 
Heath Insurance 
Life Insurance 
Income Taxes 

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