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The Value of Mediation

Mediation is often viewed as the opposite of litigation.  Mediation requires the presence of some degree of trust and mutual respect between the participants.  This does not mean that mediation takes place without conflict.  The majority of our clients have not discussed or decided anything.  They are often in a state of confusion that is aggravated by turmoil and internal stressors.  With calming guidance from your mediator and a request that you bring your best self to the negotiation table, you will find that reaching an equitable Agreement is attainable.

The decision to separate is rarely made easily.  The disappointment and distress that people experience can feel overwhelming whether they are the initiator or the receiving party.  As your mediator, we will ease the stress you are feeling by providing a neutral and informative place to talk about difficult issues.

People come to mediation at many different stages of the separation process.  A decision to separate may come as a shocking blow, or at other times, it is a decision made jointly after months and/or years of discussion.  In any case, you, and the relationship you have shared, deserve to be treated with care and respect.  

It is our goal to help you make informed decisions using all the information and knowledge available.  We will share our knowledge and experience to enhance your ability to make good decisions.  You will be encouraged to use the services of outside experts, as you deem necessary, such as accountants, financial planners, child therapists, lawyers, pension valuators and others to help you gain information and assistance throughout the process.

Not only is your participation in mediation voluntary, but your decisions should be voluntary as well.  There is a fine line between making a decision that you do not wish to make but are willing to make in order to reach resolution, and making a decision under duress or coercion.  Talking about difficult decisions openly and brainstorming multiple options can increase the chances of reaching voluntary decisions that are truly mutually agreeable and in the best interest of everyone concerned.