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Christine Hickey, Esq.   120 East Washington Street, Suite 711, Syracuse, New York 13202   (315) 422-9756

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Christine Hickey Divorce Mediator
120 East Washington Street, Suite 711
Syracuse, New York 13202
(315) 422-9756 Phone (315) 479-5651 Fax
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Christine Hickey

Christine's approach to mediation has been partly formed by her experience as a lawyer for children and families in litigation and by her personal experience as a step-parent. Mediation, though not counseling, recognizes the emotional strains that exist when a family tries to create a workable plan for the future. In mediation, you are encouraged and supported in your efforts to continue to work together.

Since 1990, Christine has limited her practice to divorce and family mediation and law guardian representation.  She was the 1994 recipient of the Michael F. Dillon Law Guardian Award in recognition of her legal work on behalf of children.  Christine established and incorporated CNY Mediation Services, Inc. in 2000. She is a recipient of the Abel Award for her work in the advancement of family and divorce mediation in New York State. She is an Accredited Member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation (NYSCDM) and an Advanced Practitioner Member of The Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). Christine served on the Board of Directors of the NYSCDM and as Co-Chair on the Education Committee and Institute Steering Committee from the mid-1990s through February 2013.  For 10 years, she taught Mediation in Family Law as an adjunct professor at the Syracuse University College of Law.

Cristin Manfredi

Cristin has been a trained mediator for greater than half of her life.  She studied Psychology and Sociology at SUNY Geneseo, where she earned dual majors and a minor in Conflict Studies.  She then continued her education to gain a Master's Degree in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Woodbury College in Montpellier, Vermont. Cristin continues to grow as a mediator and has attended greater than 200 hours of certified mediation training.

From July 2007 to July 2012 Cristin facilitated over 1,500 custody and visitation mediations through the Onondaga County Family Court as a mediator and the Family Court Coordinator for New Justice, Inc.  In September 2011, she began her transition into Divorce Mediation as an associate to Christine Hickey. In July 2012 Cristin set sail as a full-time associate to Christine. As the youngest of eight children, she is a natural mediator. Cristin holds strong values in the importance of family and understands the need for the individual to be at peace in order for the whole to be at peace. She strongly believes in the need for a smooth transition during a divorce and as individuals ease into the creation of a new norm separately or as part of a family.

CNY Mediation Services, Inc. (CNYMSI) is located in Syracuse, New York and has no affiliation with the mediation services in Cortland, New York doing business as (DBA) Central NY Mediation Services.