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Benefits of Divorce Mediation 

To read about the financial benefits please click here.  Beyond the financial benefits, there are a great deal of other benefits to using mediation for your divorce. A divorce does not have to be an adversarial process.

With the mediation process you do not have attorneys interpreting what you want and speaking for you; in mediation you use your own voice. In this way, there is less room for miscommunication and a greater chance for you and your spouse or partner to separate amicably because you worked together.  Parties are able to talk face to face in a relaxed environment and not treat one another as opponents.

If the case goes to court, you will have a judge make all the decisions that you could have made yourselves in mediation including how to divide your assets and debts, how much you will pay or receive in financial support and what your parenting schedule will look like. Decisions made by a judge could be to your benefit, or they could result in outcomes that you and your attorney never predicted.

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